Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig.

Well, It was a fun and interesting trip to the sweltering heat of Mesa. As much as we love all of our family out there, we are sure glad we won't be doing that drive again any time soon. I got us a little lost on the way home. Driving at 2am, it can be difficult to remember the names of the freeways to take.
<------(image from http://www.barbspics.com)

I often see on the news about wildfires, but never have it actually PERSONALLY impact me, or experience any of it, but on the way home, we went on this toll road, and were enveloped in the deepest thickest cloud. It was smoke, from the fires. I had to roll down my window to pay the tolls. It smelled of burning transmissions. (those of you who have ever had major car troubles, will be able to recall this delightful smell)
(image from https://www.assurancegroup.com) ----->
First I was worried it was coming from my car. Joe was quick to remind me, this was smoke from the fires. We hoped that our home would still be standing (we were still further from home than we realized, luckily) We passed the smoky area, and I was so grateful for clean clear air, and being able to see what was in front of me. So glad that I have a home that is not being threatened by natural disaster (today anyway).

I got my hair done while I was in AZ, by my wonderful hair gal Tracey Walker. She is located at Val Vista and Williams field (chandler blvd). Its called Salon Boutique. So if you are looking for a stylist/colorist, you should send me a message, so I can send you her info. She is awesome. Here are some pics of the hair... There are a few more on my facebook page, for those of you who have friended me on there.

This afternoon, Scarlett and I had lunch at Chick fil a and she played with the kids there. I got some great pics with my phone.

her new friend trying to make her happy instead of sad :)

see that look of joy in her face? this girl LOVES new friends :)
Remember this? 
LOOK how she has grown!! how does this happen?!

Fun times and French Fries, 


Wendy said...

Great hair color. Great hair cut. Cute pic of Scarlett at the end. Excellent camera phone.

JnA said...

aww what cute pictures!
Your hair looks totally cute!
That's really scary about the fires, I would be freaking out.

RatalieNose said...

So scary about the forest fire!
Yay for cute cute hair!
And Oh my gosh.
Scarlet is PRECIOUS!