Monday, September 14, 2009

335 Posts, can you believe it?!?

Rainbow Brite is in the hiz-ouse. 

Particularly, "Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer"
(image from

So last night we stopped by Blockbuster after just barely making it to Panda Express before it closed. Scarlett "love-it, Chinese!"

So I pa roused through the $3.99 previously viewed DVD's and found this precious gem. It didn't have the picture on the cover, just a labeled box that said, "Rainbow Brite."

I of course, instantly decided, Scarlett should be a fan as I was growing up. Gotta love those fuzzy little guys with the star antennae. Scarlett loves the "Rainbow Horse" Starlight.

It makes me happy that Scarlett can appreciate "the classics" of animation movies. It is funny to me to think that when Scarlett is a teen/young adult things from the 90's and 00's will be "so cool" like the 80's were for my generation. They will think of 80's punk like I think of 60's Rock.

We are still sick. Things that make us perk up, include suckers (of the dumdum variety). and egg drop soup. mmmmm.  

Any of you friends out there been watching Big Brother? Are you rooting for Jordyn like me?

And on Big Love, are you kind of indifferent as to who Luke picks in the end, like Joe and I are? We think that Malissa is just in it to win it, not necessarily to find "love".

MMMM. this Wendy's commercial just called my name. We'll catch you all later.

Hugs and Hamburgers,


PetroMargo said...

Rainbow brite or the Smurfs?
Saw the Smurfs recently and I couldn't believe how creepy the cartoon was but so was the Strawberry Shortcake of yesteryear.

What is the creepy kids cartoon of today?

Wendy said...

This post made me chuckle! Nice grab on Rainbow Brite. I would show my kids too. I showed them the snorks but Brian wasn't overly impressed. What I'd really love to find is gummy bears cartoons. Bummer you guys are still sick.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I heart Rainbow Brite!

Sarah said...

Sickness is terrible.
Love the cartoon classics!
Btw, this Natalie, not Sarah.