Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just Peachy

My left foot is asleep, and tingling as I type. Today I cleaned the living room and kitchen areas. I also managed to convince Scarlett to bring the blocks up stairs, which is going to help with her sleeping, because she likes to see them on her floor, and climb out of bed to play with them ALL NIGHT LONG!

We tried the park bench thing today. She really didnt even want to sit on the bench. I did discover that she can climb up into her car seat all by herself now, which is a cool new discovery, to save my aching back! So we did sit on the bench until Scarlett decided she wanted to take her shoes off, at which point I caved, and said, "Alright, you have to walk to the car first, and then I will take your shoes off..." a good compromise I think. Besides, I had a few moments prior realized there was an ant problem and that ants were crawling onto our empty fast food bag, and one was biting my leg.

The weather was quite warm, but the calm breeze was nice. Scarlett got some sunshine. I pulled her hair all up into a little bun when we got home, she was just getting hot under all that heavy hair of hers.

We didn't end up meeting with our friends Tuesday, so hopefully we can meet up with them Wednesday (Today). They came into town because they have an event out here in Anaheim this weekend. Hopefully we can still get together while they are here, cause I really do miss them!

Napkins and Nose-rings,


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Peaches and Sunflowers said...

Cute pics. Sounds like you encouraged Scarlett to enjoy what she could. My husband was just telling me that children these days are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency partially from LACK of sun exposer. So you've done better than me so far today to get her that sunshine! :-) Hugs!