Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun fun fun!

We had a lot of fun having dinner with Paul and Lizette the other night. They didnt end up coming over, so all of my cleaning was strictly for the benefit of our household, but I'll take it, either way.

To the Left, is just a cute little photoshop thing I made. The quality really went down when i saved it for use on the web... not sure why. If you are wondering about the numbers 1-12, Scarlett can count to twelve all by herself, and begins counting as she pulls on you to get you to play blocks with her, or help her get something she wants.

Joe is going out of town for work tomorrow, and I am trying my best to keep from jumping in the car and driving out to Mesa. I really am starting to miss it out there, mostly just the family and friends, but also the dollar stores, thrift stores, lower taxes and prices, too.

I did get the oil changed in my car, which would be a big plus for making the trip. The gas cost, would be a minus. I told Joe I was seriously considering going, and he said, "Then go." I said, "you don't really want me to go." He said, "Well, it'll be a while before I have enough money to bring you back!"

We send our love. Joe took some really cute pictures of Scarlett and I last night which I can't wait for him to send me so I can hopefully post them on my blog, hopefully tomorrow.

Oh yeah, Deborah feel free to steal this background, actually has this polka dot background in like 4 different colors under the Minima Stretch backgrounds, category. I had resisted them for so long, but the cheerful blue color is doing good things for my disposition, I think.

Our DVR box is on the fritz so after we drop Joe off at the office tomorrow for his fun ride to Vegas till Tuesday (practically) we have to call and raise a stink with Cox. Hopefully they will trade out for another one, since we have only had this one a couple of months! I don't even think we are through paying for it!

Rectangles and Restaurants,

Red Rawlins


Kim said...

Sagey was yelling "Scarlett, Scarlett, Scarlett" until I would acknowledge "yes, that is Scarlett." Cute pictures. So is that a no, your not making the treck out here? Or are you on the fence still?

✩Molly✩ said...

I'm SUCH a fence sitter, but I have now pretty much decided we are coming tonight. We will get there ooober late and be available for fun tomorrow and probably will stay a week. I am getting excited! :D