Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Routine? LOL!

So here I am, again, Blogging at 9AM.. I have to admit I enjoy the quiet time before Scarlett wakes up, even if I am still utterly groggy, and a little cranky in the mornings. Blogging at the same time for two days almost resembles having a routine, which is pretty laughable in my mind, because, our life has anything but {ROUTINE}... Sometimes we get up before noon, sometimes we don't, sometimes we eat 3 meals a day, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we get to bed around midnight, sometimes its 2 or 3 am. I believe our only predictability is unpredictability.

Last night before finally falling into my bed, I finally changed my blog background. There is a really long--and probably boring--story which explains why my blog was how it were for so long... S T R E T C H E D out.... I liked to be able to put up decent sized pictures so that they didnt have to be clicked on for enlargement... but, lets face it, it has been a long time since I had a decent camera to take a decent picture, so I broke down and went back to a basic Minima layout. has a lot of really great backgrounds which are much less OVERUSED than those of, so I'm going to go with easy for a while.

I use a small 12 inch laptop for my blogging, and my old background fit perfectly on it, however, I had a sinking suspicion for the past weeks, (as long as I have had that background) that perhaps it didnt look so great on a larger screen... and thank you Allyson for validating this suspicion, and calling me to action... I may change up the back ground several times in the next few weeks in an effort to find one that *tickles my fancy* in the same way :)

I also have one smaller confession to make... remember how I said I was pearing down my bloglist? Well.... that was only partially true....*snickers*. Those of you who truly know me, also are well aware that I am a bit of a packrat, and an overly sentimental fool. But the big discovery I had a few nights ago was this:

can you see the little "Hide from list" link? this is how you "hide" those blogs that you only like to sometimes read... Kind of like all those old magazines you keep FOREVER just to look at maybe once a year for inspiration or a decoupage/collage project. I think it is the calming assurance that I can go back and click on:
my "hidden blog" list to see them all again... and get my fix of frivolity *inserts evil grin here*

Says, I guess that's all for now, but I did want to say, all those comments on my last blog tickled me pink! So keep it up all you lovely readers of mine. xoxo.

Zebras and Zinfandels,


Samantha said...

zebras and zinfandels i love it!!! and i like your new background it's very calm and i know all to well the molly schedule of life and it's awesome that you allow things to happen as they so if somethings don't get done it's okay and theres less stress in the days!!! p.s. i like that your blogging again

RatalieNose said...

Love the background!!!
Love your non-routine!!!

ZippityDoDaw said...

I am in LuV with the new background, very cute! It is better to hear from you. Your silence has been bothering me :~ )

Molly said...

Thanks for the visit. I stopping plurking about two months ago. I do miss talking to all the friends. Many of the conversations made me laugh. I will try to visit your blog from time to time. You seem to always be up to something new.
Take care.

Kelsi Rose said...

I totally understand having no routine. Since I haven't been able to find a job, I am pretty flexible with my day. I have so missed reading about your days, it is good to have you back.