Friday, June 19, 2009

Is Summer already driving you wonky?

Sometimes, I will read a thing and just so utterly relate to it, that it just seems wrong not to share. This post I want to link to, comes from a blog called "N.E.O. Moms" which stands for Not Easily Offended. If the title weren't enough to win over my love for this blog, today's post WAS.

Tips on Making This Summer Fly By and Child Abuse Prevention Tips

Of course, if a little colorful language is going to put you off, perhaps you shouldnt' read the article, or at least you should skim down to the part about indoor activities you can do with your kids. A busy and entertained kid, is a happy one, they say.



Charlotte said...

Awww, that has seriously made my day 100% better. And I take no offense at the rough language disclaimer, that's just who I am.
Your last sentence reminds me of something my dad used to say, "An exercised dog is a well-behaved dog.". That's not too far off from toddlers.

The Allen's said...

molly, those were awesome ideas on her blog, thanks for sharing. can't wait to try some out so i dont lose my brain! when your kids are little though it is like summer is all year round. hope you are doing good.

Molly said...

Molls, tell me the colors you like best on your little scarlett....Im finally getting around to making you that special something. =)