Thursday, May 14, 2009

a post of pictures

M and s
Me and the Scarlett
mday roses
these are the flowers joe bought me for Mother's Day. They get more and more beautiful every day. I took that pic last night.

This is a picture of our bedroom. Yesterday I decided to move the bed and finally start hanging things on the walls. I love our room this way. I also figured out how to hang my umbrella from the ceiling, which I really like.
Here is the statue with the one I already had, I just love the way they look together.
top of the fridge
This is the whole display on the top of the fridge... I also love my kitchen cabinets.
light fixtures
There is something about these light fixtures that makes me happy. The picture was way too bright, making them look like UFO's with them turned on.. so hopefully you get the gist.
I love this faucet. it actually moves from sink to sink with ease, and makes me feel like I have a top class kitchen, living in the lap of luxury. I love the illusion.

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Kim said...

no illusion, enjoy it. Your house has some very nice features! I love those countertops too! I love the way it feels to decorate with what you already have and to like it. It doesn't have to be new or the latest thing to bring the feel your looking for! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful guided tour. So many nice things about your place. I too love the cabinets the lightness is uplifting and upbeat. That little statue is so Scarlett and her joyful personality personified! You have done a great job of introducing us to your place. Looking forward to seeing it in all in person next weekend (Labor Day weekend) You have done a nice job of putting it together. I love you. Sorry this post was in the am. Got too pooped at the computer when I stopped with that MVD stuff.
I entered one date wrong and have to call them to correct it today...Lots of rental issues pending now with #5 and Orange street. I spoke with that girl again this morning and am hanging by the phone to hear back from my tenant with the goahead to let her friend get her stuff out. We gave them a two hour window tomorrow am to come and take what they want so we can get on with the clean up. Wish us well. And about you, you just keep making that place home, a place where you are glad to be. Kiss Scarlett for me, and talk with you soon. Love, Mom

Wendy said...

Looks like you are keeping very busy. Exciting that you are having fun decorating. I love the little girl with birds statue it looks really cute with the parent statues. Keep up the good work. We will see you in no time.

RatalieNose said...

So cute!!!!!!!