Friday, May 22, 2009

A poem


Learning more about myself, thanks to a poem from Bekah Jennings' blog. She modified a poem her cousin's husband had written for his wife, and filled in her own responses. I decided to try it out on my own. I found it to be extremely therapeutic, and quite revealing of myself, as I did the same. The words in all caps are the original words. Feel free to try it and repost it, if you dare.

I LOVE my daughter's smile, and the hugs and kisses she only gives when she means them.
I LOVE the way my husband's and daughter's breath smells exactly the same.
I NEED to take more initiative in making the things important to me come to pass, and even more so, need to figure out what those things are, to gain purpose.
I ALWAYS KNOW that I will have the love of my family, no matter what.

I LIKE to go out to the movies with my husband, and how the time away from our daughter only makes me long to have her back in my arms.

I LIKE to go shopping, but am trying to remember that material items are not what is important.

I WORRY that my daughter will not be a well adjusted child, and will have difficulty with social situations, like school.
I WORRY that my temper gets the best of me too often with Scarlett, and that she will grow up to resent us both.
I WONDER if my husband will ever go back to church, because I really can't see it ever happening.

I CAN GUARANTEE that my favorite color will always be red.

I CAN'T guarantee that my hair will ever remain the same color for longer than a year.
I AM GLAD that my parents are coming to visit tomorrow. I miss my Mom's hugs, and my dad's smile.
I LOVE my family.

I WORRY that my life will never be the one I always wanted.

When YOU BALANCE enough vices in your life for long enough, they start to feel like they are a permanent fixture, instead of just things you carry around.
I CAN BALANCE on one foot for about 3 seconds before I fall over.

I WISH I were braver...
I WORRY that I will die of some strange illness before I can see my daughter grow up

I WANT to be skinny, and happy, patient, and talented.
BECAUSE then maybe, I would be able to let go of the vices, and truly be free.

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ZippityDoDaw said...

Wow, that is very deep and insightful! I love the picture at the top of my hat girls. Mom and dad are on their way to you now. No doubt they'll arrive as you are waking. Have a wonderful visit.

RatalieNose said...

That is a WAY CUTE picture!!
I love this!!!

Kim said...

I enjoyed reading the poem! Way to be honest. More than I can say for myself! I hope you had a wonderful visit with your parents.

Molly said...

Ahhh Im going to do this too! Thanks Molls! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. It is insightful and honest. It is amazing. Its a good way to learn about you.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing to complete such statements
It's another to be completely self disclosing and it is yet another to bravely publish your innermost fears and apprehensions. And since I am snoopy, I want a full list of those vices...Just kidding Mom And it was a wonderful visit we hand with You, Joe, and Scarlett!!