Saturday, May 2, 2009


Okay, so maybe it is sad that I know Sesame Street so well, but this song was playing in my head with this whole 5 tag business... RatalieNose tagged me, but when I looked at Em's blog there seemed to be more to the questions on her 5 survey, so I took it from her blog.

first, I want to admit, that this has really strained my brain, trying to remember 5 years ago!

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago
(May 2004)
1. I was working at Americopy, "I make copies all day long"
2. Getting my hair done in color shows for T&G Concepts off of Mesa Drive and University
3. Driving my Buick Century
4. Going to the club 54. Singles ward FTW!(for the win)
5. Decorating my bedroom in the Parent's house Orange and Brown.

5 Things on my To-Do List
1. We're going to Disneyland today!
2. Clean my house
3. Hang what is left of my art (that has not gotten broken from not being hung...GRR)
4. EAT...I'm hungry
5. See a movie... it has been FAR too long...:(

5 Things I would do with 1 Million Dollars TAX FREE
1. Pay off all our debt
2. Buy a house
3. Get new cars for Joe and I
4. Give some to my parents so they can retire if they want.
5. Save for Scarlett's education, when she is ready.

5 Places I have lived
1. Mesa, AZ
2. Gilbert, AZ
3. Chandler, AZ
4. Irvine, CA
5. La Salina, MEX (for a few weeks at a time)

5 things I want to be doing in 5 years!
1. Enjoying Scarlett being at School all day long.
2. Doing Hair
3. Done having kids.
4. Cooking great meals
5. Rolling in the dough... *hopefully* lol.

***5 PeOpLe i tAg***
Nikki Shumway
Allyson VP

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Alisa said...

It has been awhile since my kids watched Sesame Street, fun to hear this song again.

Anonymous said...

Hi, honey! This is Mom and it was fun to reminisce five years ago. I am looking forward to seeing what those you tagged put down. It seems to me that a great many blessings and changes have come into your life in 5 years time. I total makeover in some ways and a blossoming into married life in many others. We all have our own Reality Show going on every day. Hope your day is bright and you enjoy Disney Land! Love, Mom P.S. Thanks for sharing your million with us, when and if...

Kim said...

Fun! I'll have to give it a shot, in a little bit. I'm glad to hear your coming to the family reunion, It will be so wonderful to spend some time with you guys.

Wendy said...

Wow I didn't know you guys were coming to the reunion now!! How was Disneyland? Kids loved the video. Fun to think about how things change and what you are looking forward to.