Wednesday, March 4, 2009


RatalieNose has done it again, and I have copied her once again. This time, its Nicknames.

Over the course of my life, I have had many nicknames.

My parents used to call me Caboose as a kid, or "Our Little Caboose" because I was the end of the Shumway Train. As I got a little bit older and in to school, I could see that this was more of an embarrassing thing, this nickname, as the words caboose and patootie seem to be directly correlated. Perhaps I just don't like the sound of the word "caboose" to begin with; That may be it...but I would have to say it was probably my
first nickname

This Little Red Caboose image (from here), does seem to somehow make the nickname seem far more fitting... odd...


Being from the generation I am, The Sandlot, was so influential to us growing up. It wasnt that we were obsessed with baseball by any means. perhaps it was just our love of Dogs, or the enchanting excitement surrounding a true bond of friendship, but we loved it, and must have watched it over and over.
But the one line, that always stuck was,
You're Killing Me Smalls!
I can't tell you how many times, my brother, Ben, has called me Smalls, even to this day.

As a very young kid, my siblings used to tease me, and say they knew a little girl who looked just like me, named YLLOM. I was FASCINATED! I wanted to know all about her, and where she lived. I was a very typical innocent, naive little girl. Eventually I learned, that it was only MOLLY backwards and that they were always talking about me.
(image from here)

Pocket and Ritz

In junior High, I had a friend named Brent Petrie, who was extremely good at making up nicknames, and at the time I only had the Caboose that I hated, and the occasional "Smalls" reference, so I decided it was time for him to make up a nickname for me. So he did, and here was his line of thought:

"Molly.... Rhymes with Polly... Polly want a cracker... Ritz Crackers... I'll call you Ritz"

I liked that one and used it for a while, and once I tired of it, I had him do it one last time for me.

"Molly.... rhymes with Polly... Polly Pocket, so I'll call you Pocket."

(adorable picture and article from here)

This is my Sister Sarah and her best friend, Jamie. They have been best friends since before I was born. They are two of the most wonderful people you could ever meet, and together, they are SOOOO MUCH FUN. Before Sarah got married, they were roommates for a while, and during that time, I spent a lot of time with them, which is such a precious memory for me. I was wishing I could find a picture of us together from that time, but I don't feel like digging that much, plus, they both look awesome in the image above. During that time, we developed nicknames for each other, and mine were MF (for moldy fart) dont ask... and Mollis, which has stuck.

Sholly Mumway and now Rolly Mawlins
If you have ever been to the Rennaisance Festival, you will recall the Zilch the Tory Steller (Terry Foy), who speaks in Spoonerisms. We went to the RF for Drama in High School, and my first and last name spoonerised created Sholly Mumway, which really rolls off of the tongue, so it stuck. My married version is Rolly Mawlins, which luckily sounds just as great :)
(Image from here)

Less exciting, yet endearing nicknames that are still in use include, Molls, Mall, Darth Maul, (insert name of mall here ex: fiesta, or supersition springs)-Mall.

Red Rawlins

This one was self given. I have often wondered, finding myself conflicted as to whether it is some sort of sin to create one's own Nickname. But I guess, now the damage is done, either way. Red is my Favorite Color (passionately and eternally) and Rawlins is my B-E-A-utiful last name. So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.

I realized I left out Joe's nickname for me, so I decided to come back in and add it. He likes to call me Molly Dolly. I have to admit, this always makes me think of the "Big Comfy Couch". It can't be helped...

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Ydnew said...

It was fun to take a stroll down nickname lane. I was not aware of a couple, I like the pocket, and especially the cute picture of a pocket. Got to love the Yllom too! I enjoyed the girl riding horse backwards image, perfect!

Holly Janeen said...

fun fun fun.
i dont know that i have that many nick names...

RatalieNose said...

Love the post!
Love the names!
Love that I inspired you!
And its TOTALLY not a sin to make up your own nickname! I've done it in several occasions!

Photography By Jo said...

I love it! Nick names are the best.

Molly said...

Yes maam you are in! yay! Ill make you a special treat! 09. =)

Kim said...

I am a little patial to xome of those names. I enjoy hearing a lot of them. They are endering snd cute, they bring back some fun memories!

Sarah S. Foote said...

Great Memories! You are lucky to have so many nicknames. And so many people who love you (and tease) you with so many fun things names.
I love the Malls and of coarse Mollis rocks forever.