Friday, February 13, 2009

SPOTLIGHT- Shumway Family

My brother Adam and I are the two youngest kids in my family. As such, we have had the most years together. I was always glad to have him as an older brother. He paved the way for me in school, by being such a good example, making teachers EXCITED even to have, "Adam's little sister" in their class. Some of the times though, they soon realized that our being related was where most of the similarities end. While Adam has always been a studious, responsible student, I was more of a flibbertigibbet with my head in the clouds. Adam has always been an exemplar of optimal character. A golden child, but also, a really fun person to be around. When he returned from his mission, we had the joy of attending Singles Ward together. There are a lot of good memories from at time. At one point we had to stop sitting together, because people didnt know we were brother and sister, so they wouldn't approach us, thinking we were a couple.


The singles ward was such an interesting place. I was really interested in this guy at one point named Mark. One week, I was standing in the hallway flirting with him, and there was another girl in the hallway with us. Our bishop had just taught us in recent weeks that the way to land a date is to provide the guy with information on things we might like to do, so that then the guy has the option of asking you out to do that, instead of overwhelming the guy by asking him yourself. The girl in the hall had beat me to the punch, and Mark had asked her to go to Carraba's for dinner on Friday. Then he said that his favorite restaurant was Rigatoni's and I quickly said, that I have never been there, and he said, okay, well would you like to go on Saturday? I was glad he had asked and quickly accepted. My brother, Adam was standing in the Hallway, too, next to me, Mark and this girl I did not know at the time. I said, "Hey, Adam, you should ask this girl out!"

Well, as events would turn, this girl, was my now sister-in-law Nikki. She is such an adorable and wonderfully genuine person. She has so much artistic ability, and has such a cute style. Her hair is always fun, and she loves Red, just like me. Adam and Nikki got married the same month as me, though they were engaged much longer than Joe and I (which is normal). The summer before Adam and Nikki got married, Adam decided to go up to Alaska for a season of Salmon fishing. Nikki, so in love, had a hard time with him being gone, but I loved having the chance to spend so much time with her, bonding. I love her so much, and am SO glad to have her as a part of our family. She is just perfect for Adam, and can appreciate all of his fine qualities. The greatest part is that he is the same for her.

They have two beautiful children, both girl and boy versions of their perfection. Karsyn is such a bubble of joy. She is friendly, and outgoing, funny, and so cute. She is also nice and light, which I love... completely opposite of my heavyweight Scarlett who is only two months older than her. Seth Adam came along quickly behind her, and he is such a handsome little guy. He reminds me of how difficult I remember feeling Scarlett being as a baby. She was often gassy and fussy, and I remember just wondering what on earth I was doing wrong, when really, that is just a normal thing for lots of babies. He is just adorable though, and his mommy dresses him so cute. I cant wait to have a little boy of my own just like him.
I love this little family so much, and I am sure you have never seen a better looking bunch!

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RatalieNose said...

Salt of the earth these two! They're in our ward still and they taught Sam primary for awhile....brave brave souls!
Again Molly I'm so impressed by how elequent a writer you are! I love hearing you talk about your family!

Anonymous said...

Molly, You have done it again, a wonderful tribute filled with insight, fun, and love. Makes a mama proud...Love, Mom

ZippityDoDaw said...

Love, Love the top picture! This is a really awesome post. Adam and NIkki are the bomb! I love them so much! They were even brave enough to be legally named heirs of my children if something happened to us.

Nikki said...

Oh dear Molly, you brought me to tears. I love the way that I came into the family, truly if you didn't give your sweet brother a nudge to take me may have happened a little later than sooner. Eventually he wouldv'e taken interest I'm sure...haha! I cherish those times when he was in Alaska, you pulled me thru a dark summer. Man I'm glad I didn't have to wait two years for him, that would be tough. Thank you thank you, you are sweet!