Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So I have to be honest.

I was up until 5 this morning working on those scrapblog pages, and i apologize for any apparent errors, as my brain may or may not have been functioning perfectly at that hour. Luckily Scarlett Paige was nice enough to let me sleep until 1 pm today. I love my little girl. I probably would not have been up so late had I not begun the project at 2am. That is when I decided I had finished my tree.

Having searched high and low all day long for a missing box of Christmas lights and decorations, at Midnight I finally broke down and bought a box of 400 lights for 10 bucks at the cursed Walmart. (image from I went back and forth in my mind as to whether I wanted clear white lights or if I wanted to get the big colorful vintage style lights like we used to hang on the house as a child. They dont make them quite the same anymore, they aren't frosted with toxic lead paint, which somehow takes away some of the beauty to me. Joe advised me that I probably would not be content with the colored lights, even if Scooby might like them better. As my star topper was lost in the vanished holiday box, Joe helped me rig up a decorative star as a topper. I think he did a great job, and over all I like it. As soon as I finish clearing the debris I will take pictures and post them for all to see.

Joe is working late tonight, and Scarlett is already in bed, since we are on a late sleeping schedule today. Hopefully tonight I can go down at a more decent hour. I don't even have the TV on, I am just enjoying the peace and quiet. Thank you for all of your comments and support of my blog. I love you all, and look forward to reading and commenting more on your blogs in the future. :)


Kim said...

Cute pages, Molly! It looks like it was a lot of work! Obviously since you didn't sleep during normal sleeping hours. Very cute though, I must admit.

Camille said...

I look forward to seeing your pictures!

Mistletoe! said...

Can't wait to see how it turned out, Can that box REALLY be lost for good?! No! I feel for you, seriously!! I like how you rearranged the scrapblog post the color scheme is quite visually appealing! ;o)

Lost said...

Cute Scarlett let you sleep in <3 I passed out myself around 3pm yesterday after noon and didn't wake up until 1am or so. >.< Yesterday sucked.

Love you,