Saturday, December 13, 2008

i love myFarm

On Facebook there is are a limitless number of applications available to fill the times of those with some to spare. I am one of those people. My favorite of these is myFarm. It is an application that gives you a block of empty land, a plow and a sickle and a store to buy your seeds, and you can create your own farm starting out with just $200 to spend.

Friends can give you gifts, such as coconut, banana, lemon, cherry, peach or mango trees or animals like cows, goats, chickens, or horses to help you build your farm. Trees grow to be harvested every 3 days.

It costs $20 to plow each square of land, and anywhere from $33-$100 to plant various crops in these squares. I wait for my crops to grow (anywhere from 1-3 days) and then I harvest the crop and make anywhere from $89-$200 on each crop. Then I plow and plant more.

Once you start earning substantial revenue, you can purchase a woodshed or chicken coop for $25,000 each, or a Barn for $50,000 as daunting as it seemed to earn the money for these Items I have finally done it, and now I have a barn which gives me the ability to sell off animals. I also have a woodshed that allows me to cut down and sell the trees once they are full grown, which provides me more money in profit than just one harvesting. I also have farm friends who continue to give me gifts to help me keep myFarm stocked with trees and animals. I love myFarm, but warn you, that it can become addicting.

Here is a picture of my Farm:

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