Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the past week

This first picture was on Saturday, the day before Joe left. We were on our way home from getting brunch, and we drove past a yard sale in our neighborhood where I spied these two Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls. I always wanted some when I was a kid, so I decided to live vicariously through Scarlett, and use them as decor in her room. As soon as we got them though, Scarlett immediately loved their little round faces and soft bodies, and has slept with them ever since. She is such a sweetie.

This second picture is from the other night, when Scarlett and I decided to go to Filibertos. 
The one over on Pecos and McQueen has a dine-in area. So we decided to go in, as their drive-thru, is always SOOO
 slow. Scarlett was crazy and of course per usual refused to sit on her bottom. She has been hearing "SIT DOWN" so much lately that she has decided to include it in her own daily vocabulary. She sits on the floor with some toys, and in a stern voice, adamantly says "SIT DOWN", and pats her hand on the floor to indicate where you should be sitting. When  you obey, it is very pleasing to her. When you don't she says "WHY?" 
Before we left for Filibertos, Scarlett put on another wonderful performance with her flashlight/microphone, only now she knows that it turns on and off, so it is a concert/light show. I am trying to get the silly video to upload, (fingers crossed it works this time)


wendy said...

Okay, so I felt like I was at the Laser Light Show a-la-Scarlett. Pretty funny, my kids would love that light, where did you find it? Love Raggedy Anne and Andy, Classics!

Kim said...

cute pictures, definately a laser light show going on there. Love all the personality.