Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There are no good reasons for my two days of blogging negligence. There are not-so-good reasons, though. My camera with recent pictures is dead. I need to charge it, but had left my charger in my car for the last couple of days. It is now in my purse, and sometime soon (hopefully this evening) I will re-unite the two so that we can have camera life. Until then, I don't have a whole lot of "exciting" to share. 

We have bought several DVD's this week. Among them are Sex in the City the movie, Juno, Backyardigans in Fairytale neighborhood, JOHN Q, Virgin Suicides(which I havent seen yet), and Sexy Beast (Joe's pick, which we haven't seen yet either). We plan to stay home watching videos every evening this week.
However, I do have a spotlight. My wonderful Mom is having a birthday this Thursday. (Actually it is not only my mom's birthday, but my friends Mike, Jamie, and Jim's, but we are going to spotlight my mom, as she is the most important.) The picture to the left is of my mom, me in the middle, and my sister Sarah. This was at my other sister Wendy's birthday party in February of this year. 

My mom is one of the most wonderful people you will ever meet. I think almost all of you know her. She is so giving, loving, and compassionate. She is such a good Grandma, and is always picking up fun toys for the kids to play with at her house. Some people tell me I am a lot like her, and that makes me happy, because I have always thought my mom was a perfect person. If she doesn't get into Heaven, nobody will. 
I hope you have the best birthday ever, MOM. YOU DESERVE IT!


Allyson & Jere said...

Your Mom IS a great woman and Mom, I DO agree. I'm sure she will appreciate the spotlight. Cute picture of you three by the way.

Wendy said...

Go MOM it's your birthday...