Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun times

Today was an eventfully fun day.

Scarlett and I met up with my dear friend Malia. She lives in this really cool house down a paved country lane right smack dab in the middle of the end of town I grew up in. (Until today, I had no idea this little speck int he world existed) There are chickens everywhere, just walking loose in peoples front yards. There is a GIGANTIC bull fenced into the neighbor's yard across the street, and I was informed that up the lane one of the neighbors has a ZEBRA! Forget the zoo, we'll take E(rest of street name here) lane :) (I googled to find the pictures of the stores and animal, but there was a chicken out there that looked just like this one!)

Upon arrival we were situated with some juice, and Scarlett had some banana and then we were ready to head off on our thrift outing. First stop was D.I.. Malia helped me to see all that I had been missing there. Before leaving the house she showed me lots of neat things she had purchased here, so I was a lot more open minded about the store than I had been previously.

For those of you who do not live in AZ, or in other densely Mormon populated areas, DI stands for Deseret Industries, and is a thrift store owned by the Church. Members can donate their lightly used items to Deseret to later be resold in their stores. As a kid we always donated there, so out of principal I had not wanted to shop there (and find my own stuff).. but I have moved past this way of thinking now.
Then we headed over to Mesa Thrift. Malia of course had her son, Mr. P with us. He is 2 and a half. Both Scarlett and Mr. P had their reservations about one another at meeting, but by the end of the afternoon they were thick as thieves.
<- this is Mr. P. in a picture frame we found. Scarlett was sitting right across from him and they looked like mirror images of each other...it was super cute, but it took me too long to find my camera in my bottomless bag, so you will have to use your imagination.

<-This is a picture of Scarlett and Mr P. playing inside a desk turned sideways. They used it as a makeshift playhouse. You can see Scarlett behind Mr. P, trying to get her bearings.
Good times were had; fun treasures found and purchased at great bargain prices.
<-Mr. P is such a sweet boy.

Approximately 3 hours after leaving the house, we made a pit stop at Del Taco on our way back to E lane. We ate our lunch, and Scarlett got acquainted with Malia's two sweet doggies, Stinky and (insert other dog's name here). Scarlett really liked Stinky. He is a very sweet boy dog (they think part pit bull part boxer maybe). Scarlett liked to watch me pet him, and liked to look at him from a safe distance.

We cannot wait until our next adventure on E lane.

Then this evening, Joe let me escape off to see Twilight with my sister Wendy. Wendy nor I read the books, so we felt we were perfect company for one another in seeing the film. We both very much enjoyed it, with no preconceived notions or expectations. I am just proof that you don't have to have read the books to enjoy a good love story.

It is nearly two AM, so I am going to again attempt to go to sleep. Sending my love out to you, my readers.


Samantha said...

ha ha yes stinks and layla rock!! ha ha yup there's a zebra and a llama and a mini horse it's pretty cool over there her parents own some pretty cool house they own the one behind that house to well her sister is buying it off of them but it's nice ha ha and twilight is amazing!!!!!! I love the books theres so much more detail and explanation of things and you envision it in your mind part's they left out I am glad you liked it though if you want to borrow the books ever let me know I have all 4 and have read them sooooo many times ha ha love you molly

Wendy said...

OKAY, Love the twilight book! You should give it a shot!