Thursday, November 20, 2008

classy couches

So, I was looking at the picture in the AZ Republic the other week, of Bush and Obama sitting in the oval office, and there was something familiar about those couches. They have MY COUCHES (or at least the same maker) in the OVAL OFFICE! :) Here is a picture I found online of the oval office, and I'll also put pics of my couches so you can see they are the same. Funny, huh?

Of course it is a lot darker in my living room, but still, a funny coincidence! 


Your #1 Sister said...

So that is a similarity. I am amazed you noticed! I couldn't help noticing in 1 room they had 3 people in wheelchairs...BTW Cute graphic above the counter!!!

Camille said...

Ooh, cool! You're famous!