Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Problem Attic

Yes, it is 1:25 AM and I am still awake. The reason, dirty sheets. The sheets were dirty, and had to be washed before we went to bed, by mandate of my wonderful Husband. So now we sit up in the living room on our respective couches behind our respective laptops. A few moments ago, I was standing in hallway between the living room and the bedroom, twisting back and forth.

JOE: Do you have the Doldrums?
MOLLY: Yes, and it is quite problematic.
JOE: Problematic? Is that what they put at the top of the problem house?

I thought for just a moment, and realized it was one of his silly pun jokes at work. Then I sat and pondered a little longer. Hm.... A Problem Attic.... a place to set your problems aside, in order to allow yourself to live a happier, more productive life.

Yes, believe it or not, now at 2:24 AM I have just created another blog, and I would like you all to use it. You can feel free to do so anonymously. Leave a comment with a problem, issue or secret. But once you've posted it, you have to let it go, and no longer "brood", over whatever the thing is.

This new Problem Attic is located at:

The sheets are now dry.
Good night my friends.


Anjeanette said...

That's a really cute idea. I hope it works!

Kim said...

I like the idea, I'll have to drum up an idea to post today.

ZippityDoDaw said...

I will have to think of a great item to throw in the problem attic. However, it is problemattic because, I have to select something I can really put up there and leave forever. I better hold on to anything I want to muttle over alot.