Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hamster and Ketchup

Welcome to another day in the life of Scarlett and Mommy.
Yesterday, after leaning back on the couch watching Mrs. Spider's Sunny Patch friends for a good hour, we decided it was time to go pick up some lunch.

In Scarlett's kids meal from Del Taco was a little stuffed hamster. In the past, Scarlett has not showed much interest in these cheap excuses for stuffed animals, but this time was different. Scarlett was instantly taken with him. He was in fact her new, and very first pet.

She sat him on the table facing the television so that he would watch TV with her, and she tried to share her cheese crisp with him, but he must not have been hungry. ...either that, or maybe he just doesn't like his dipped in Ketchup. Scarlett has developed a real love for dipping ketchup, and sometimes decides just to dip her fingers and eat the ketchup instead of her food. once she finished her lunch, she immediately had to find a wipey so that they could
"clean up" after lunch.
(She gave him lots of hugs and kisses, but didn't stand still enough to get a clear shot)

Then it was naptime, and she brought him to bed with her and held him tightly against her to keep him safe.

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Anonymous said...

Wow who would've thought that a lunch meal toy could bring such joy? What a good deal. The moral of the story is, go get a few more meals there before they are out of hampsters. At this rate of ketsup consumption he is bound to be filthy in no time! :) Wendy