Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aunt Flo

Someone's artistic personification of Aunt Flo
(The Red Headed Aunt who comes once a month)

So this might seem like a far too "personal" subject for a blog, but its whats on my mind, and I have been slacking in the blogging department this week, so here is my attempt at make-up. So it has been almost 2 and a half YEARS since I had a period. Yes two and a half annuals since I had a full blown, long and drawn out, cramps from hell, diarrhea and indigestion companionship with Aunt Flo. And as bad as it is, I am glad about it.

My body is starting to finally feel like MY body again.

Why has it been so long? Well of course there was the 9 months I was pregnant with Scarlett, and then I went on the Depo Shot, which stops your periods. I was on that for a year, and it took another 8 mos for my body to get it out of its system and start having a cycle again. Waking up with wicked abdominal cramps in the middle of the night, interfering with sleep and comfort had not been missed, but I guess it is just one of those lovely labors of ladyship.

I came across a funny book on my google search for Aunt Flo images, I thought you might find interesting... The link is in the image.In case you can't read it, under the image to the left it says "Aunt Flo, a girl's closest friend... naturally!"

On a similarly related note, I do not appreciate Stayfree changing my feminine product of choice. You women out there probably know, as I do, how difficult it can be to find the product that works just right for you (which can take years to find mind you), and for them to just turn around and change the thing, to where it no longer is the perfect one for you, is just wrong, and should be illegal.

(as my father-in-law says, illegal is a sick bird)


Taryn Choate said...

Hey Molly, from what I understand you should have at least 3 periods a year so your system can clean itself out or you become more susceptible to diseases. You might wanna check that out if you're going on 3 years without one. That would freak me out!

Kelsi Rose said...

Your post made me laugh. I completely understand. You should have bloged about Aunt Flo's husband, Uncle Red. I actually have an Aunt Flo and Uncle Red. They aren't married, but that would be too much and I wouldn't be able to keep a strait face around them.

Nikki said...

You make me laugh....sorry the products have changed for you. I am not looking forward to Aunt Flow again, but my 9 mos. are about to end.

I answered your ?? on Sarah's blog about registering....I didn't. I really just need clothes and diapers, atleast that is what is coming to my blank mind.

Anonymous said...

She came to visit me today too, that Flewsy!

Sarah S. Foote said...

I love the second aunt flow photo. AND I think you are flippin' hilarious.

Anonymous said...
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