Monday, September 22, 2008

Us, A-Z

A is for Artichokes, they sound so exciting, but the truth is the only thing I like with artichokes is Spinach and artichoke dip. yummy.
B is for Banannas, Scarlett LOVES them.
C is for The Cranberries, they are one of Scarlett's favorite music groups since birth
D is for Dog, Joe has always wanted a dog, and we would love to get a pet one day, but not until we have a yard, and Scarlett is a little bigger.
E is for Enchiladas. I taught myself to make AWESOME cheese and green chili enchiladas on my own without a recipe and they are SO good. Let me know if you'd like to know how I do it.
F is for Fettucini Alfredo, which I am craving from Olive Garden, and their yummy salad.. mmmm. Maybe I should have eaten before I started this post, ha.
G is for Game Shows, I am obsessed. Now that I have DVR I can record it, and never miss an episode with John O'Hurley on the Family Feud... I just love him! I also record The Price is Right, and Lingo, and Camoflauge and Chain Reaction. The last 3 are on GSN, one of the greatest channels ever.
H is for Halloween, Scarlett is going to be Minnie Mouse (thanks to aunt Tina for the dress), I still need to buy the ears.
I is for Icecream, we love cookies and cream best. Joe likes to make just one big bowl and share, one of the many things I love about him.
J is for Juice, Scarlett loves capri sun which she calls "juice". Joe on the other hand could probably hold a world record for drinking a giant container of juice (usually cranberry) in one evening.
K is for Kisses. When we want a kiss from scooby, we have to close our eyes, and stick our necks out in Scarlett's direction and maye the MMMM sound until she gives us a kiss. She falls for it most of the time.
L is for Lullabies. Joe sings Barenaked Ladies songs to Scarlett as lullabies. She loves it. Also she sleeps with the baby einstein lullaby CD playing in her room all night.
M is for money, it is welcome in all forms, and we always accept donations.
N is for napkins, I never buy them. I figure a paper towel, especially my VIVA paper towels make excellent napkins, so why buy both?
O is for Office. Joe loves his new office in this house. I think it makes him feel like he has a place all of his own to be, which gives him great relief. Joe also loves the show The Office too.
P is for Pablo (Scarlett's crush) on the Backyardigans. It is Scarlett's FAVORITE show, and we have like 10 episodes on our DVR, her favorite is the "Surfs Up" one. She even has a Backyardigans nightlight.
Q is for Quiet. I love the peace and quiet of naptime.
R is for Redbox. This is how we rent movies. They are located in all Walgreens and Walmarts and even some Circle K's. It only costs $1 a day, and it fits into our "budget". Okay so we dont really have a budget, but we should get one, so I don't have to stress so much about another R word- RENT!
S is for Saturday and Sunday, the great days when Joe is usually off work.
T is for Teething. When will it end?
U is for "Up" which is what Scarlett says when she wants to get into her high chair
V is for The View, which I love because I love Whoopi Goldberg. Yes, I just love her, and pretty much always agree with what she has to say.
W is for What not to wear. I love that show. Joe thinks I would like to go on that show, but I am not so sure. I mean who wouldnt like a free 5 thousand dollar wardrobe? But on the other hand, I wouldn't want people telling me that I have bad taste.
X is for X Files, which was Joe's favorite TV show, and yes, we did go see the movie even though I didnt see the first one (I didnt even know there was a first one until after we saw the second one)
Y is for "Yes" which sounds SO much better coming out of Scarlett's mouth than the constant "No" we've endured for so long.
Z is for Zits. I HATE them, and I am so grateful that the horribly painful one that was somehow imbedded in my nose has finally departed. Honestly having that pain just made me glad that my nose doesnt ache and throb all of the time.

I love you all. Hope you have enjoyed Us A-Z. Feel free to do it yourself.


Sarah Foote said...

Surfs-up is my favorite too. Yo Daddy Yo Daddy! I got the rad moved the really rad moves!

Nikki said...

That was cute, fun to read.