Monday, September 1, 2008

Matted and Framed all in one night

This evening Scarlett has done so many cute and adorable things, that I was glad we got it all on camera. First she found a mat that I had out, as I am trying to put things together and decorate the walls of our condo. She decided she would go best in the frame in a variety of ways

her hair didn't quite fit in this one..
^this time it did^she really started to have fun here

Then she found my glasses, and the real photo shoot begins..
^Doesn't she look a little like my Grandma Louise Shumway in this one?
^I thought she looked a little bit like my Grandma Schlagel in this one.

time to give those eyes a rest.

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Kim said...

I loved reading through all the new posts! I'm glad to know that your alive and well! I've been missing seeing you!