Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today I really wanted to check out the new Fresh & Easy they just built on Dobson and Queen Creek, and was hoping to buy some flowers, but then in the end I decided I could just take a picture of them and save my money. Besides, now we can all enjoy them.

I always love blown red roses. For those of you who have not worked in the Flower business "blown" is the term used to describe roses that have already opened too much to be worth full price. So these ones were marked down from 14.99 to 7.99, but they are just the way I like 'em. GORGEOUS!

These pink ones are beautifully blown too.

Yellow is such a happy color.
Plus these ones will probably live a day longer than these other ones, since they are a little tighter still.

Mixed arrangements are fun to buy because then you really get to have the fun of placing them in the vase. Always remember, if you want to have your flowers live longer, pull the leaves from the stems that go into the water. (of course the filler like babies breath is different, don't worry about that)

Have a happy day! Flowers always make me happy.


Sarah said...


Nikki said...

Thanks for the flower pictures, they are very pretty. I love to have a fresh vase full of flowers. But until I also have moola to spend on them we will just have to enjoy pictures.

Nikki said...

I need that "Seriously" tshirt for Karsyn, too bad they don't come in her size. I'm gonna have to make one I guess. Love it!

Camille said...

So pretty! I got a huge bunch of mums for my birthday, and it brought me a lot of joy.