Sunday, August 31, 2008

Confession time

Okay, so now that we are mostly moved in, (and I HAVE INTERNET!!!) I am practically always online. I happened upon this really cool site that does "Henna Parties" How fun would that be to have a henna person come to your birthday party and give temporary henna tattoos to your guests and yourself for an hourly rate? I think it would be soooo fun, but I love body art.

Yes, for some reason I am up at 2 am posting to my blog.

We have also been trying to go through all our boxes and get rid of a lot of stuff, and I have been doing pretty well, but it is so hard to part with things.--by the way, I have 3 pairs of Doc Martin lace up boots Size 6-7 women that I cant wear anymore post pregnancy, so if any of you might want to buy them off me, let me know. (I have a red pair, a black pair with the big silver rivets, and a denim (yes, denim) pair which is unique, I've never seen another pair like them. The black pair looks a lot like this picture of the boot on the left from the Doc Marten website, and they cost $100 new, and mine are a little worn, but still in good condition, so if you would wear them, and they're your size you should go for it.

We are short on cash, since we have had moving costs this month, and are definitely excited for payday to come, so that we can put gas in our cars and go to movies, and pay babysitters and such.

Speaking of Movies...Recently, my sister Wendy and I went and saw The House Bunny, with Anna Faris, and it was SO funny. For those of you who didn't know its a Happy Madison Production, which means, Produced by Adam Sandler's production company (though he does not appear in the film, some of his regular co-stars did). So there was some crude humor, but not too over the top, a little language, but overall, I just thought it was a fun, entertaining movie. I would recommend it to any adult who normally enjoys an Adam Sandler movie.

Scarlett is adjusting well to the new place, and we even got her to sleep in a pack-and-play for the first night (Thanks Sarah, for loaning it to us!), and she even did well for naps in it, which was surprising as she can be particular about her sleeping quarters. Sure enough, once we put her pillows and her blankets in it, she just nestled right in and went to sleep.

Well, I cant think of much more to say, hopefully you enjoyed the read. I am hoping to get back into blogging more regularly. All my love to you readers... bye for now.

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Mom of 3 boys said...

Congrats and glad to have you back on the "net" all the time.....