Monday, June 16, 2008


So I decided it was time for a blog face lift. I noticed that Kimmy's background was from, so I checked it out and found my new awesome background. I will be putting my original redrawlins banner back up as soon as I can find it... I think its on a hard drive someplace and I can't find it right now, which makes me sad.

If any of you have wireless at our house and don't mind an extra couch potato I would love to come bring my little laptop and blog at your place... the internet is pretty much non existant at my house, so Its hard for me to post new pics when I cant even find a signal... talk to you all soon.


Kim said...

We might have wireless soon, but not now. Otherwise we would love a couch potato. I like the cutestblogontheblock. I found it really easy to understand and lots of choices.

Nikki said...

I like the new facelift, very cute!