Monday, March 10, 2008

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Okay so I know it's been a while, but the truth of the matter is, that not much has happened since my last post.. except I got a hair cut, which I don't have any pictures of yet.

Scooby is just cuter and cuter every day. She stands up against things a lot, and loves to jabber. She does say a few audibly recognizable things, like O, and AWW, and Dad, and MeiMei, No, baby, baba, mimi.

She also knows how to shake her pointer finger in the "nono" fashion. She loves music. She likes to sing and play the piano when we go to Grandma Shumway's house.. she plays softly and nicely.

Joe actually had Saturday AND Sunday off, it was SOO nice. We went to an Antique Mall here in Chandler, called Merchant Square. I got a metal wire sign that says Family is love and laughter, as well as a metal red butterfly, and a vintage apron that is black with red roses on it, with a wash towel stitched in to one side of the waist band, and a pocket on the other side. I'm thinking of hanging all three of those things on my kitchen wall.

After the antique mall, we went to the MT, or Mesa Thrift for those of you who aren't familiar with the abbreviation. I got a tall stool with leapord print on the pad, a black and white flowered muumuu, a Hawaiian red black and white dress for Scooby, and a cute little T-shirt. I also got some games, Bingo, Rummi-K & Trouble, each game 75cents to 99cents. Then we went over to my parents house since we were in Mesa, and ended up watching Karsyn for a few hours while Adam and Nikki went to temple night, then when they got back they watched Scarlett for us so we could see a movie. It was so fun to baby swap, and get a break.

Sunday we went to Target and then went to my parents house for dinner. I'm still not exactly sure how I spent $80 at Target... It is probably because I had my husband with me. I don't even know how many sketch pads and pens and pencils we have bought over time..

I think I have a poopy baby so I'm going to go now, before she finishes shredding every bit of newspaper in the house.

all our love.

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Kim said...

It was fun hanging out with you the other day. Mesa Thrift is fun. We were there the other day. It's still my favorite thrift store!