Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the tree, and our anniversary

So on Saturday my Hubby took Scarlett and I to pick out a tree. I now have it mostly decorated. I will most likely switch out some of the gold bows for red ones, I just feel lazy at the moment. But here are some pics of our tree and decor. Enjoy!

A pic of the tree from a glance... honestly doesn't do it justice.
This is my chubby Christmas couple. They make me smile.
This nifty little ornament I got from World Market this year, you pull the little string between his legs and his Arms and legs go up. Scarlett loves it.
This is my Sock monkey ornament and my red butterfly.
This is my favorite picture of the Savior, with the woman crying at is feet. You can feel his love extending out to this woman through the picture. This is the Savior I believe in. 

Tonight we went to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant on the 10 and Ray. It is on the SW Corner of 54th street and Ray. It is the best BFGR there is. It was also nice because my friends Fiancee is the manager there, and he gave us our meal for free.
 Scarlett had her first taste of Pita and she rather liked it.
 She also ate a lot of rice.
I gave her her first big girl sippy cup today, and you would have thought I was introducing her to her new best friend. 


Kim said...

Love the tree. Real or fake? It's hard to tell. Scarlett is growing up so fast. Hard to believe she will be 1 next week!! Kids are so fun.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

your tree is beautiful! nice work! Scarlett is headed for a long life of cup lovin!!!

Molly said...

real tree.

Kim said...

Happy happy birthday Molly dear. Happy things will come to you all year. If I had one wish that wish would be, a happy happy birthday to you from me!! We love you so much!! Hope your day is beautiful!!