Thursday, November 15, 2007

Water and Electricity

Two things, we as humans seem to take for granted, Electricity, and Water. That is, until you don't have any of either. Wednesday may have been one of the longest days of my life.

It started with Joe not being able to find our only set of car keys, to Scarlett having a super poopy RED diaper thanks to her antibiotics, and my running out of wipes in the middle, so having to throw her in the bath to clean her up. Then I got her dressed just in time for my power to completely turn off. Lovely huh?

So it was 11 am, and there we were sitting in the house, with no car, no stroller, and no electricity, my baby asleep in my arms, but unable to guiltlessly put her in her hot bed. After many futile calls in attempt to get it fixed and no avail, I became more upset by each phone call. Finally I called Joe in hysterics, and he came and picked us up, and had us drop him off back at work, and sent me out to spend the day in Mesa.

Because of all the crying, and because I have a cold, I had the world's worst side-splitting migraine, which would not go away nor would the water-works springing from my nose. All day all I had to drink was half of a small glass of water, and one swallow of bad Dr Pepper from Panda Express. I ate about 1/3 of my food before I had to stop to avoid throwing up.

Well needless to say, once we got home, it was about 8 pm, and as soon as I walked in my front door, it was straight to the bathroom to throw up, and there went the contents of my stomach. The power was back on, as it should have been all day.

(yes we were behind on our electricity, welcome to my world..)
At about this point, i was dying of thirst. and what do you know? Joe uses the only last swallows of purified water on a bottle for the baby. So, before I went to bed, we agreed, once Scarlett went down, he would go get some more wipes and water, which we need so desperately. I take a few swallows of Diet Coke, and drift off to dreamland.

1:30 AM. I wake up because my husband is rubbing my head; he's just come to bed. Instantly, I am panged by this extreme desire for water; at which point Joe informs me that we still don't have any water, nor did he go to the store to buy wipes, and that he is going to go get me some early in the morning. I am now sleepless. Can't see straight due to lack of nourishment and hydration, and can only walk the 5 steps to my computer to complain about it via blog. what a life, lol.


Kim said...

you crack me up!! sorry about the electricity. oh, the necesities weso rarely think about. the tap is so bad, huh? Sorry your not feeling good. hang in there, things will look up.

Mystiqeye said...

I have been there done that. When my daughter got the chicken pox, I got them as well. We were both sick as could be and since I couldn't work for almost a month, I couldn't pay the bills. (single parenting sucks at times lol). So sick with chicken pox we lost our electric, the water, and no TV to keep my daughter occupied. This continued for a week. Looking back I laugh at how things happened but at that time all I wanted to do was scream. At least you have blogs to write on.

Think good thoughts and I do hope you start feeling better and things get better in general. Have a great week.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

wow that is just a round about sucky day! I'm glad to see that things have turned around for you! I hope you are feeling better.