Wednesday, October 17, 2007

something nice to say

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You know, sometimes I miss just sitting around and complaining. It used to be one of my FAVORITE pastimes. Jan and I could sit around and talk about all the things that sucked about the world, throw out every unpopular opinion we had about ANY topic, and just have a gay old time. These days though, it seems that every word can throw a person into a faux paux, and people take offense, and everyone's on their toes. It is so fun to have someone to talk to that you can just "say it like it is", without worry of offense. At any rate, when I put the little saying at the top of this post, it threw me into nostalgia, reminiscing all the fun times, and knowing that there will be more ahead. I am so glad that Jan recovered well from her surgery. She really had me scared. I love her so much, she is like another mom to me, and definitely has a special place in my heart.

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Kim said...

I Agree with all those thing 100%. I used to love a daily dose of negitivity. It seems not allowed anymore! Whats up with that? Good friends are hard to come by.

Molly said...

yeah, usually these days, I'll start to say something negative, and someone will say, "you shouldnt say that", or "if you were in their situation you wouldnt say that" or somesuch. maybe we just need to get together and be negative!