Saturday, September 22, 2007

more from the party

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Grandma Ellsworth!

From left to right is my Aunt Jolene, my Grandma and my Mom.

theres Nikki, she was looking so pretty too.
Here's Karsyn with her daddy.
This is my cousin Deena, she came down from California for the party for grandma. That is her dad, my Uncle Duane, next to her.

She really said the nicest things about grandma, it was so touching.
this is Duane's little girl Allyson, she is Deena's 1/2 sister.
Here is Scarlett and I, having lots of fun! Daddy was lost and trying to find his way to the party at this point.
This is my cousin Elliot with his two kids Avery(far right) and Trenton(far left), and his girlfriend with her two kids.
this is my cousin Stuart and his girlfriend and her son. His son Bobby couldnt make it.


Kim said...

you got a lot of really good pictures!

Choate Family said...

I love seeing pictures of your family and how everyone is doing now. You gotta get Wendy, David, and Sarah to make a blog so I can see pictures of all their families too!! I'd love to see!