Friday, September 7, 2007

a few pics

I took these two pictures this morning (above and below) with the camera on my laptop. Scarlett was still in her "sleepy head" jammies.

these two pics (above and below) are pics that we took after we got ready to go to a swimming party, but then we ended up not even going. funny. That was right before we moved into this house last month.

These two pics were taken right before we went to lunch with my friend Amber right before we moved.

This picture was taken on a sleepy morning. We both have a similar sleepy look. :)


Kim said...

yah, pictures! It really is so incredible how much you two resemble each other. Maybe it is true the longer you spend with some one the more you start looking the same. haha I had fun yesterday, hope you did too

Nikki said...

You two look cute!

Evan and Cara Fish said...

I love the sleepy look. Way cuter than mine. :)