Sunday, September 2, 2007

ABC easy as 123

Got this one off Cara's blog who got it off of Tia's blog. fun times.

A is for age: 22.5
B is for Breakfast: Left over Mushroom stuffed crust pizza mmm
C is for Career: stay at home mommy
D is for my Dog's name: Hannah lives at my parent's house, but technically she's mine.
E is for Essential Item I Use Everyday: Dr pepper. yes I am addicted.
F is for Favorite T.V. Show: Well, I am in LOVE with the Game Show Network.. particularly word games like Lingo, Chain Reaction and camoflauge.
G is for Favorite Game: I love Scrabble and Nerds.
H is for Hometown: West Mesa, AZ
I is for Instruments I play: I can dabble at the piano but cant accompany
J is for Favorite Juice: Orange no, Grapefruit!
K is for Kitchen, What Color is it? White! lol I rent. but all my cookware is red.
L is for Last Place I Ate out: Chilis. yum.
M is for Marriage: I am married to my wonderful Joe.
N is for Nickname: Some people call me Moll or Molls. Joe calls me Molly Dolly. My drama friends in High School called me Sholly Mumway.
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: only when we had Scarlett. I was there for 3 days after she was born.
P is for People I was With Today: Joe and Scarlett and I spent the day together. We had Chili's and then we went to see Stardust.
Q is for Quote: "Hello Starshine, the Earth says 'Hello'"
R is for Biggest Regret: don't believe in regrets, they're anti productive.
S is for Sport: I like Volleyball. Its fun to play.
T is for time I Woke Up Today: I woke up around 9:45 or so.
U is for Favorite Piece of Undergarment: Im a big fan of underwear.
V is for Last Vacation you Took: Not sure what equates "vacation".
X is for X-Rays I Have Had: when I was younger X rays on my back, because I have acute Scoliosis.
Y is for Yummy Food You Ate Today: Buffalo Chicken Fajitas and a Caesar side salad. And popcorn at the movies!
Z is for Zodiac: Sagittarius, which if you have ever read about the sagies, you know the glove fits.

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Kim said...

What a cute little list. You are always so creative in your answers. We should do something this week.