Sunday, August 26, 2007


So today is Sunday, and I have to say I'm a little sad to see the weekend end. It's so nice to have Joe home and be able to spend time as a family. Joe's birthday went well, was fairly uneventful, but he said it was a good one. We ended up going to see the CRV and we want to buy it. The check still hasn't come in the mail yet, so we are still on hold to buy the car until the money comes. I am SO EXCITED to get into a car that has A/C. I will not miss having to torture my baby with this heat. I think before this a/c thing happened, I sounded like a much happier person, but there is nothing like being hot, to cause a person to be a little irritable. oh well.

I think Scarlett is starting to feel better. She has gone back to taking good naps, and the ant situation is FINALLY resolved!! I can hear all of your sighs in relief! Scarlett is as we speak asleep in her crib in HER ROOM. Im so happy to have my bed back! Now that the ants are no longer a problem, I'll be tackling the 1 or 2 loads of laundry I've been neglecting. Joe's napping too right now, so Its kind of a sleepy afternoon here.

We went and saw the Nanny Diaries. (pic from movie on left) It was pretty good. Not the best Ive seen, probably wont ever see it again, but it was good. We like to go see movies in the morning, because there are less people in the theatre for Scarlett to bother with her babling.

She is 8 mos old now, and rolling all over the place. She is my everything. Its amazing how I can just pick her up when she's totally upset and just hold her in my arms, and she instantly calms. Its not like I was taught some special way to calm her down, or anything. Joe says "Its not what you do, its who you are". Im her Mom, and she knows that Mom makes everything better. I miss my mom. I'd like to spend more time with her. But life is busy and times get chaotic. I know that isnt a good enough reason. I'm going to have to find a way to catch up with her this week.

I also got some great deals on clothes this weekend. We went and checked out that "My Sister's Closet" second-hand store over on Queen Creek and Alma School, and they have a "womens" section with some pretty nice plus sized clothes. I got a really cute LB shirt for $10 and also found a cool purse and necklace there. Then I just recently discovered that there IS a Lane Bryant in the Chandler Mall! (that is the funniest old ad i just found and put on the right there!) You have no idea how long I have been brooding that there was no plus size stores in that mall, and then I finally found it, and they were having a big sale! An additional 60% off the clearance prices! So I got a pair of shorts and a pair of capris and a tank for $35. that is SUPERB for LB! I saved $50! I love a good deal, as you well know!

Blogging is really starting to grow on me. I love to be able to write down everything thats going on and know that everyone I know has access to it, so if they want to know whats going on, they can find out without having to make a dozen calls :).

And in conclusion, a public service announcement:


Evan and Cara Fish said...

HELLO! Miss Molly! Glad you found me too! How'd you do that? Can't believe all that has happened to you in the past little while! Fun times. No big news to share - hope you get the CR-V, I have owned 2 and I don't think I will ever own another car. As a matter of fact, I advertise so well for them, two of my brothers AND my parents-in-law all have purchased one! You'll love it.

Kim said...

hey there, I hope that check comes soon. I like blogging for the smae reason. Isn't it nice to be able to know what is going on with each other and yet we don't have to spend all the time on the phone figuring it all out. I wanted to go see Nanny Diaries with you but it didn't work out, I was out with my cousins I guess. I hate when the weekend is over too, I miss Benny.