Thursday, August 2, 2007

MY day in a rather large nutshell.


Im already overwhelmed and its not even 8 am yet!

We need to go sign the lease at our new apartment, and I need to pay both this apartment and the new one. I need to cancel Cox and APS here, and set up Quest and SRP at the new place. What a bother that they dont have the same friggin services at the new place!!! I also need to make an appointment to get my depo shot today, and go check our mail, and give joe a haircut before he leaves tomorrow for Vegas for work. UGH!

Im so tired. I had to get up with the baby this morning, and because there is so much to do I couldnt go back to sleep, so I now have a headache and no caffiene in the house. what a rough morning!


So I set up for APS to disconnect on the 20th, as well as our Cox. I called Qwest and got the rates for the cable and emailed my mother-in-law to see if she would still want to pay our cable bill when it is definitely more expensive than cox was, and am waiting on a response from that. I made an apointment for 2:30 to get the depo shot. Im washing Joe's clothes for his trip because I know he wont have time to do it himself. I'll pack up his stuff for him too, so he wont have to stress about it. I just need to switch the loads about now.

I just finished giving Scarlett a bath, and Joe will be home at noon, at which point hopefully we can go get the lease signed, and pay them the $220 for the first month. I dropped off the rent at the Fairways while Scarlett was napping. Apparently SRP wants to charge me a $240 deposit to turn on my power which really pisses me off. I dont have the money for that! I guess we'll just have to wait until the 10th to pay that deposit (when we get paid again).

3:00 NOW:

We got to sign the lease on Joe's lunch break, then I just had to take him straight back to work, and then went and got some lunch with Scarlett at the Remmington Gril. Scarlett ate an entire thing of Sweet Potatoes. She likes those. The wings and salad I got there were really good, and their Mr. Pibb was a good mix, though it is REALLY hard to take a little girl who has to sit in one of those crummy high chairs that are made of wood, because the whole time you are somewhat scared they will find a way to fall right out of it.

At any rate I feel pretty good with my successes of the day. Joe says he is going to be working really late. I am hoping my sister in law Nikki W. will call me so that I can go see Jan at the hospital today. I didnt get to go yesterday.

Scarlett looks really cute with her yellow bow and onesie with the lemon wedge on it that says "pucker up". I just laid her in her bed because we have had an exhausting day, and I am sure she could use a real nap. She fell asleep in the car when we got to the Drs office, I pulled her out of her car seat and she slept in my arms for a good 20 minutes, but that is not an adequate nap time.

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Kim said...

sometimes when your day is hectic, that is when you acopmlish the most. Not to mention how well you sleep at night, that if you don't get awakened by the baby. Sorry about all the money your having to shell out. My experience with moving is that it's never cheap! Sorry