Monday, August 27, 2007

It has to be one or the other.

1. Who is your man? Joseph Lindsay Rawlins
2. How long have you been together? Since October of '05
3. Dating/Engaged/Married? Married a Year and 8.5 months.
4. How old is your man? turned 27 last week.

You or your man?
1. Who eats more? Joe
2. Who said "I love you" first? I don't really know... I probably did.
3. Who weighs more? lol probably me.
4. Who sings better? Me, but he can sing some mean Karaoke!
5. Who's Older? him by 4.5 yrs
6. Who's smarter? Joe knows a lot more about most things than I do.

Different Ways
7. Who's temper is worse? Probably his.
8. Who does the laundry? Me, now that I've finally gotten the hang of it.
9. Who does the dishes? Me.
10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? depends which side I think is more comfortable that day. I get whichever side I want and he takes the other.
11. Who's feet are bigger? His.
12. Who's hair is longer? its a close contest, but I think mine is a little longer.
13. Who's better with the computer? With the MAC? Joe. With PC's? Me.
14. Who mows the lawn? no lawn for us, there has to be SOME plus to living in an apartment.
15. Who pays the bills? Me, but I'm not great at it.
16. Who cooks dinner? Applebees?
17. Who drives when you are together? Me, but I think thats because he hates the car.
18. Who pays when you go out to dinner? whomever grabs for their wallet first.. usually me.
19. Who's the most stubborn? not sure on this one.
20. Who is the first one to admit when they're wrong? Well im the fastest to apologize, because I always know right away when Ive said the WRONG THING.
21. Who's parents do you see more? Usually mine, because his live in Utah.
22. Who named your dog? We dont have a dog.
23. Who kissed who first? Not sure.. I know I held his hand first, but that was to help him catch the hint I was INTERESTED.
24. Who asked who out? Well, I gave him my phone number but he NEVER CALLED, so I had to bother his sister Tina every day until he finally agreed to call me, and then we had our first date on that friday. I invited him to a free showing of Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat. he had never seen it!
25. What did you do? see above.
26. Who's more sensitive? Me.
27. Who's taller? Him
28. Who has more friends? I have more acquaintances, but he has more solid friends.
29. Who has more siblings? I do.
30. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Joe wears pants more often than I do, but we make our decisions together, though usually I don't have an opinion on the subjects at hand..


Kim said...

very interesting, though I kind of knew most of these answers.

Evan and Cara Fish said...

so fun. always interesting to read about true things...hey, what is nikki's blog?