Sunday, August 12, 2007

Great news!

Luckily, one of our kind neighbors has wi fi connection that is not password protected, which means we will still have internet until our cable and internet are installed on friday! Hooray! So yesterday was the big move day. We are all exhausted, Scarlett included. She has been such a good girl this morning SLEEPING :) haha. At first the a/c wasnt working very good in her room but then once we opened the vents, we went to check on her in the middle of the night and she was a little popsicle (apparently I dont know how to spell that!) So we had to put her in to her footy pajamas and bundle her in a blanket and give her a warm bottle, and then she went right back to sleep. She is such a sweet little girl.

Last night we decided to go to dinner. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen just outside Chandler Mall. It was yummy. I got portabella mushroom stuffed raviolis with sauteed mushrooms on top it was SO YUMMY. I had the left overs just now and they were marvelous as well. My house is still surrounded in boxes, which are overwhelming me... I really cant wait until I have everything organized again. I miss being able to just walk over and pick something up where I know I left it. I didnt even pack a lot of these boxes so I have no idea whats in them. Last night I spent about an hour looking for some clean underwear for Joe haha. If anyone has some free time and wants to come help me they're welcome. oh the joys of moving. I gotta go, I think Scarlett wants to get up now. Comments always appreciated :) love.


Kim said...

oh, Molly, Molly! I'm glad your in your new place. Moving Sucks, don't plan on doing it for a long time.It sounds like you had a lot of people to help you move, that is a HUGE blessing!

Molly said...

yeah, it really made all of the difference in the world having people to help, and then on Monday, my home teachers wife brought her steam cleaner to the old apartment and did the carpets for me. that is such a relief. The old apartment is all cleaned out now, so all we have to do is replace the medicine cabinet joe broke, and replace some light bulbs, and then we'll be completely out of the old and in with the new. I still have some settling to do here, it doesnt feel like I have the space I had at the other place for storage, which is a bummer.