Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainbows and Waldo

When the sun was low in the sky it caught the glass dividers between the booths at IN-N-OUT just right, casting rainbows on the table. Scarlett was so impressed. I took pictures.

Before we were through, the sun went behind the malls large building and she asked me "where did the rainbows go?" I told her they went with the sun, but that I had taken pictures we could keep for always.

The other day Scarlett wanted an adventure so we decided to check out this book store around the corner called BOOKMAZE. Joe walked inside and up the large flight of stairs with her while I stayed on the ground floor with Eloise carrying her car seat (MAN is it heavy!!) they returned a while later with a book. Find Waldo Now. She loves it to say the least.

As soon as we got home I would continue hearing, "I found Wa'doh! I found Wa'doh!" she wanted me to take a picture of Waldo so I told her she needed to be in it too. She agreed.

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babyhellfire said...

So soo cute!! Aww the sun went away, melt my heart. She is adorable, love all the pics, in this and the last post <3 thanks for sharing