Friday, July 24, 2009


Okay, so I have been a bit of a lazy daisy in blogger land this past week. We had a lot of fun when my sisters were here. If you havent checked out the post on Wendy's blog yet, please do. I dont think I could do it any better justice.

We did a lot of shopping, eating, and playing. We did get in a beach trip, too. We also got to meet up with our cousin Deena, which was nice. She looked as beautiful as ever, of course. I was glad to be able to share this beautiful place where I live. I love my sisters so much. SO, who is coming to visit next?!

I think I can contribute some of my blog laziness to recouperating from company... I am not sure why, but it does seem like it can take a week or so to get back into your normal swing of things when guests leave. Scarlett still has preferred sleeping in my bed, which I know I need to nip in the bud! She didnt go to sleep until 5:15AM the other day, which just about KILLED me lol.

I am really excited for the finally of the Bachelorette this Monday, and So you think you can dance is wrapping up this season very soon too.

More to Love, the reality show about "real sized" women, is starting this upcoming week, and I am pretty hyped about it, and hope it doesn't suck. I also have started watching "dating in the dark" which is an interesting concept for a show, having people meet up and only converse or date in a pitch black room. However I guess I just wasn't ready to see how shallow some people are when it comes to looks. I hate superficiality.

There are also a bunch of new movies coming out that I really really really want to see. Including:

The Ugly Truth- (Opens Today?!) Kathryn Heigl (Greys Anatomy) and--what's his name? Anyway, looks like a cute romance, my kind of movie.

500 Days of Summer- Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt Love them both, cant wait to see this adorable love story on the big screen... its only playing in "select theatres" right now, which means I would have to drive an hour out to LA to see it, I am not THAT die hard, lol.

Julie & Julia- Amy Adams and Meryl Streep. Looks like one of the best movies I am going to see for a long time. I am positive I won't be disappointed. (High expectations.... I know!) About a run of the mill girl, in a crap job, utterly miserable, who decides she will cook through the entire Julia Child's cookbook, in efforts to find herself, and blog about it along the way. Meryl Streep is playing Julia Child, and though they are from different times, it appears they parallel the two womens stories together throughout the film. Stanley Tucci is also in this film.Away we Go- (Currently in theatres?) Still haven't seen this... looks excellent. Has the cute kid from the Office in it. About a couple expecting a baby... A friend of mine saw it, and loved it... I need to see more movies!

(from this time... wow some people are total jerks about images that dont even "really" belong to them anyway~! if you dont know what i'm talking about, thats ok...)

Okay, I can't think of much else to say, so I guess thats all for now. Time for Scooby and I to find some lunch.

Watermelons and Wheelbarrows,



ZippityDoDaw said...

How did somebody get that content thief picture on this posting?!! Why are they flipping us off? How strange.

Lots of great movies it sounds like. Hope you do get more visitors. Being a host and being a vacationer both require recovery time.

amattiee said...

his name is gerard butler, and he is dreamy! it's the same guy who played the phantom!

and the other guys name is john krazinsky(sp?). i also like him.

these are both movies i want to see, but alas, they are rated R, so you'll have to see them for me, and let me know if they are worth the rating!

good luck with catching up on movies, i'm too far behind to even start!

Molly said...

Im excited for 500 days of summer! I want to see it too!

Lost said...

Well, I haven't been to a movie in...oh a couple years. Not really interested in seeing any either, heh. But enjoy when you can. :)

RatalieNose said...

I LOVE Amy Adams!!!
You poor poor thing!!

babyhellfire said...

I really want to see 500days of summer... that is so not my usual movie taste but it looks sweet.

Sarah S. Foote said...

When is more to love on? I love mushy romance shows. I'm siked for the bachelorette finally tonight