Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Throwing up isn't easy.

this is a picture of my husband when he was well and I was sick. I woke up with the pukey bug on V-day morning. It lasted up through yesterday evening. This morning, I finally woke up NOT feeling like an ailing old woman and thrilled to see that Scarlett is feeling so much better too.

Being sick is THE WORST! Hands down.
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I feel like I should update about our Valentine's day. Joe bought me red roses, and a card and a really cute notepad pencil, pocket thing (almost looks like a planner from the outside, but so much more practical for me, because HE KNOWS that i won't ever use a planner, but that i love to doodle down important things that i want/need to remember. I love him so much, that it hurts.

Which is why it is so sad that today at lunch time, Joe came home with the exclamation that he and his boss are also both sick with the stomach flu. It is a NASTY NASTY bug. Sad. My poor Joey is the worst at being sick. He is so pitiful, he just says, "Oh, Molly" in this sad sad voice, like I should just be able to take all of his pain away. I wish I could.

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I love my little family so much. Today was my sister Wendy's B-day, and so we had a little get together at my parents house for her. It was fun to see people, it feels like with all the illness we have been stuck at home for the past week or longer.
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I was also surprised but glad to find out that my parents are totally fine, even after a close call on a motorcycle accident on Saturday. That is such a blessing. They are such wonderful people, and I am grateful that the Lord was watching out for and protecting them.
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Thank you for being such valiant readers.

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Sarah S. Foote said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! I HATE stomach FLU! I love the last image. It's cute to see someone hugging a laptop. Funny

ZippityDoDaw said...

You found some excellent pictures! I have to say the smiley person puking is a little over the top! Gross!

Poor Joe, I hope he feels better faster than you did!

Anonymous said...

Im very gald that you and your family are safe and sound{Tell Joe Thats I Hope He Feels Better Soon}.The photos were both cute and funny=P.I was a bit sick too on chocolate day but my boyfirend Armand came to see me so its was a little bit better.:]

RatalieNose said...

So happy you're feeling better! OH and I"m soo glad your parents are ok! They announced it in church Sunday and I was like "nooo!" Salt of the earth, your parents.

Camille said...

Well I'm glad you're feeling better but sad that poor Joe is sick. I hope you all recover to your fullest!

Allyson & Jere said...

Sorry you were sick, glad you're better. Sorry Joe is sick, sick SUCKS! Ummm, nice how you just blow by mention of an accident involving your parents. HELLO! What happened? So glad they're ok. And finally, Scarletts eyes do look rather lovely in that pic.

Anjeanette said...

I hope you are all feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. My hubby is the same way. I think men just don't handle being sick as well.

Also, I wanted to say that the present your husband got you really shows how much he truly loves and cares bout you. You got you soemthing that you will love, use, and that made you happy.

Crandell Fam said...

K...I'm so behind on my blog reading--did I read that your parents were in a motorcycle accident? What happened? When? And is everything fine? Sheesh! Scary!

Anonymous said...
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