Sunday, October 5, 2008

Magic Pans

Yes you read that right. I have discovered magic pans (Or at least that's what my husband Joe calls them. They magically make food taste so much better than you have ever tasted, and much, MUCH, healthier, without the oil and using little to none of the water. They are made by a company called Saladmaster.

PLUS they come with a 3 lifetime guarantee, and the company has already been around for 60 years.

INTERESTED about hearing more?

Come bring your significant other, and have a nice dinner at my house. I have two coming up in the next couple weeks. they are:

This Wednesday, October 8th at 5:30

Friday, October 17th at 6:30

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything, just to see the magic pans for yourself, and eat some yummy food.

Comment or give me a call and let me know which nite works for you.


Nikki said...

I can't come to the 1st one but maybe the second one.

Cute pictures of Scarlett, Adorable.

I also love that Motel sign you have on your side bar. It has been there since I was little.

amattiee said...

Um, so PS, I learned that the info that I was sharing with you was incorrect. Saladmaster does not come with a 3-generation warranty. it is a lifetime warranty which is awesome; but not as long as I was originally informed. You can "extend" the lifetime of your cookware by placing other names on the warranty info. By putting Scarlett's name on the delivery invoice, automatically, she will be included in the warranty. does that make sense? I'm so sorry that I had the info wrong. That happens occasionally, but i really wanted to set the record straight! Can't wait to see you on Wednesday!

ZippityDoDaw said...

Let me know when they come out with magic pans that require no work at all and magically give me the wonderful tasting food I desire! Then I will really be sold!