Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New things to say today

The more times I tried, the lower my number got, so I gave up, but I swear I can type more words than that in a minute!

67 words

Typing Test

I have also become quite the Etsy fan. I found this cool seller who makes these beautiful things. If I tried to discribe them I know I would do an injustice so I'll post the pic with a built in link so you can see for yourself. She makes stinking cute stuff that I want. Yes, thats me again, want want want. The one with the Red and white gingham and polka dots was my biggest love, because it would match SO WELL in Scarlett's room on a cute little black shelf. The mommy and baby one I was a sucker for (obvious reasons there) plus it has butterflies and I LOVE butterflies. I can be such a sap sometimes. Oh well, right?

I thought this one was cool for Halloween. A different kind of decoration.
^this is the link to the cute Etsy Shop responsible for the dolls above... I am warning you now, Etsy is a dangerous place for those of you who love STUFF as much as I do!

Joe is working late tonight which is a bummer. I don't think this week could go by any slower if it tried. I want it to be Friday, so that we can get paid, and go to Olive Garden and go to the movies, and pay more bills, and have more than $8 in our checking account. Sending my love.

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Juno Who said...

My friend sTeph would love Etsy, She brought me one of these little wooden ones back from Russia.