Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tengo Flojera means, "I have laziness"

Okay, so really I have no good reason for not posting recently.. but i have been listening to Jewel and dancing around in my living room, and have decided even though I have laziness, I can take a moment and blog.

Don't you just LOVE IT when you are trying to change your baby's diaper and she crawls away?
And within seconds she is completely engulfed in a new discovery.Oh how innocent she lookshere's her, " Who me ?" face

So, truth be told, my tree is still not completely down, but the red beads are, and Scarlett is enjoying them in all their glory. (this pic was taken 2 weeks after the previous pictures, she just happens to be wearing the same outfit, because I love it.


Nikki said...

I've been missing your posts!!

I know the feeling...when it comes to changing those diapers. Why can't they just lie still for a few seconds?

I still wish I knew how to do the cute backrounds, I just let her do it. She likes to do them. Although I really want to learn how, Why do they have to make it so difficult.

Kim said...

Oh for the days when they jst smiled and lied still for those diaper changes. I is them. Now I deal with Squealing!

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

she is so beautiful, she's gonna kill you for the booty shots!

Molly said...

i once tried to spank her bum and that didn't help matters at all,plus I felt so bad for hurting her that I just put it on her from the upside down position anyway. Oh well,I just try to remind myself its just a phase.