Thursday, August 16, 2007

last night

Yesterday was Jan's bday. It was so funny because it started out as just me and Jan were going to see a movie, but then when I told Wendy I was taking Jan to the movie, she said she wanted to come, so then it was going to be Wendy, Jan and I. Then when I told my mom that we were going to the movie, she said she wanted to go. Then I talked to Sarah and had mentioned we may get something to eat before we go to the movie, and so she helped me to decide where we would go, and she decided she wanted to come too. So, I got to applebees, and got a table for 4 (because my mom was going to meet us after we ate to go to the movie as she had a meeting around 5) but then mom's meeting got out early, so she wanted to come to eat at applebees too. So I figured, we'd just add a chair for her. Then I turned around and there was Adam Nikki and Karsyn. We were definitely going to need a bigger table; well needless to say it took the applebees hosts 1 and a half hours to find us a big enough table, so we missed the movie, and almost missed happy hour. But Jan got some really nice gifts, and she seemed to enjoy her meal, so I think all in all it turned out nice.

My little Scarlett has a runny nose, and it is very bothersome to her. I think I may have to take her to the doctor, because she is not sleeping very well because she cant breathe with that stuffy nose. This is her first runny nose ever, and she's 8 mos old now. I think thats pretty impressive, but I still hate that she is sick at all. Sending our love.

Im starving and its only 9:30 in the morning. that is no good, since I dont get the car until lunch time, whenever Joe gets a break. I gtg, Scarlett dropped her bottle.


Nikki said...

It was a fun night. Even though we had to wait. I think Jan really enjoyed it.
And I am sorry about Scarlett. I hope she feels better soon.

Kim said...

It does sound like it was good times. 180 degrees different than how you ever thought it would turn out but lets face it, in this family, does anything ever turn out the way you will think??